I am a French translator and adapter. I have a bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages, a European Master's degree in Translation/Localization, Multilingual and Multimedia Communication from the Rennes University and a Master's degree in Audiovisual Translation from the Institute for Translators, Interpretors and International Relations (ITI-RI) in Strasburg.

My working languages are English and German. Being a long-time film enthusiast, subtitling and audiovisual translation quickly became my professional objectives.

Based on my academic background and diverse practical experience in Germany, England and Canada, I can offer you high-quality work that integrates linguistic precision and cultural subtleties.

My vision of the profession

For me, translating means finding the right words to transmit a message from a culture to another. From a world to another.

"The loyal translation does not mean to render a text word for word but world for world. The words open up worlds and the translator should open the same worlds that the author opened, albeitwith other words. Translators do not balance words, they balance souls. During this journey from one world to the other, everything is up for negotiation."
Umberto Eco, Essay Saying almost the same thing

I quote here Umberto Eco, because his words and the concept of "world for world" precisely illustrates my vision of translation.

Adiovisual translation is not just about words. To me, language is above all dialogues, with variations, connotations, intonations. It is subtle. It is lively and natural, sometimes dramatic. It sings, it is rhythmic, it is full of emotions. Audiovisual translation means to write the oral.